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"enter the wired" Character Design

Character design for my FYP. I never posted my ideation and progress for my character here, just to surprise everyone, haha XD.

I'm lazy to elaborate much, since most people doesn't give a damn what I'm ranting anyway. The youtube video is a turn-table render for my character, nothing special to show, and no audio by the way.

Texturing And Lighting

Wahaha, the showcase yesterday was a success. Able to meet up some great companies along the way. My work are not so impressive in a sense, especially if you judge it from overall. But they seems to be impress by my level of detail. I'm quite happy and pretty much gain some confidence about my skill after the feedbacks from the showcase. But like most pro artist said, "never satisfy or you'll never improve".

Anyway, this is the progressed stage of my FYP from my last 2 post. Nothing much to explain, except the fact that I change the light settings a bit and adding texture (skin) to my plain objects. As usual, clicky for larger image.

Welcome to MMU FYP Showcase 2009

Enough said, like my title stated, there will be a portfolio showcase featuring the best work from my faculty, Faculty of Creative Multimedia. It'll be held in this coming Thursday, 3pm in e-Gallery, our faculty's unique art gallery. And whaddaya know, my work is included in it, yay!!

Do come to the show. There's nothing much to brag about my work, but there'll be a bunch of impressive work from my batch and you can see all sorts of variety, from websites to booth design, from 2D application to 3D application, and do not forget the works that MMU most proud of, the film and animations of FCM.

Catch us there!!

The Modeling Outcome Plus Lighting

Sorry for the delay. Being lazy recently, life after FYP :P. Here's the modeling outcome of my FYP. If you do not consider the design process (research, sketch, draft, etc.), this stage is consider the first of 3D process. But I have the tendency of working my lights during the early process, which in most cases is the last stage of 3D.

I like to do my light during early stages and then adjust it bit by bit along the way. Light is one of the important essence. It creates believable shadow, tone, and mood to the surrounding. My modeling skill are not that superior, so I have to rely on my texturing and lights to cover up my flaws.

Below are some pictures taken from my FYP blog (don't bother reading it unless you are really curious) Some of these pictures are my dropped ideas or incomplete version of my modeling. Well, the initial idea spent (or wasted) too much of polygons, and the incomplete version was for the sake of submission. That pretty sums up my first stage.

FYP Promotional Poster

Here's a poster for my FYP showcase, except the watermark is not present during the original version. During the showcase, it was printed on an A1 board, which... kinda big and cost me a fortune. The poster ended up on my lecturers' hands and I was reluctant to hand it to them. Anyway, I'll be posting my FYP work here. In case I'm lazy, I'll just post my final outcome here. So pray that I'm not.

There are some copyright issues and stuff, so please do not take my work in any case, just to avoid trouble. All works belong to me and Multimedia University. Do approach me directly if you are interested in me or my works :D. Just leave a message here and I will reply.

Again, yes, I'm taking this whole copyright shit seriously as I'm venturing into the industry. No offence intended, so welcome, sit back, and enjoy. Thank you. proudly presents

     a final year project by Edward Yong

I'm Back

Yes, I'm back. I've been away so long and got a bit rusty.... in writing blogs. It was unpleasant period of my life during past few months. I was rushing my FYP, and then gotten news that my dad was diagnosed with cancer, until he made his trip to heaven, and again trying to catch up my FYP progress, until my final exam paper and moving out the next day after that.

But nevertheless, I have a bunch of great friends beside me, holding me up when I fell, making me forget unhappy stuff. It was tough, but maybe because of that, I'm able to see how true my friends were, and how lucky I am.

Here, I would like to thank my hometown friends who had been there for me when my dad moved on. I like to thank my faculty-mates who were by my side as well when I return to uni. My CB housemates who came all the way from cyberjaya to attend my dad's funeral, and lighten my world when all was dark. Finally I like to thank my coursemates, the VR-ians, who helped me through my FYP, whom I spend my last few weeks of uni-life together. We slept, work, ate, laugh and played together. It was cool, it truly was. I hope my gratitude would become our eternal friendship.

Tribute to VR-ians: Halfway through my journey in VR, I have doubt my choice of majoring, due to the lecturers, syllabus and system. I have friends that told me I was more suited for other majoring and I thought it was somewhat true. Even till the end of my uni life, I never thought VR was the best suited course for me. But there was something which kept me from feeling regret, and it was you guys. Being with you guys has made my uni life far more interesting and livelier. Although it was slightly late when we get to know each other, but that short moment was truly memorable. I never had a graduation trip in my life and going Pangkor with you guys had fulfilled that. Quoted from Baha, because you guy sucks, it was most enjoyable trip I had. I faithfully treasure that very bond we had and hope we could get in touch always. Goodbye and all the best pak pezes!!!

Sound Horizon: Elysion~ Stardust [手描きMAD]

Well, it's been awhile since I posted something here. I've been through a lot of shit lately which kept me from updating my blog.

Anyway, here's something interesting for everyone. Though be reminded, it is not done by me. I sort of did the translation though, so please ON your Youtube annotation to see the translation/subtitles.

You can call it an "Anime PV" done by a skillful amatuer (or an animator) for one of the songs from the album "Elysion" by Sound Horizon. For the album, it tells the story of a masked man and 5 girls. "Stardust" is one of the songs and it tells the story of one of the girls.

The guy (I do not know who it exactly it was) did a very good job as he (or she) manage to do a great animation, with skill and style, to match the great song.

Basically, the song is about the heroine (StarDust) who was once living happily with her boyfriend. One day StarDust was wearing all red, with bouquet on her left hand and "promise" on her right, trying to meet her lover. However, she saw him walking fondly with another woman. Hence she snapped during the night and (her split personality) killed her lover. When she finally regained her senses, she realised what she's done and regret for her action, thus killing herself in the end.

Well, all the stories told in this album "Elysion" can be describe as pitiful, perhaps to the point of sickening. Yet, the story is no doubt nicely told, the songs and the story were both great. If you are into Jap-style musics, or specifically anime sort of musics, this album is highly recommended.

Original link of the video:

Aikido Club T-shirt

Been lazy recently, that's why I don't seem to update my blog. Hibernation period...

Here's another stuff I did... or dragged... for months. It's the t-shirt design for my aikido club. The president been nagging me for months and I'm still lazy to do it. Well, serves him right since he's been treating me like a free labourer.

Credit to all the artist behind PS2 game Okami.

A lil' explanation. The theme of my t-shirt is mostly based on Japanese calligraphy and wood block printing. The clouds on the front side symbolises heaven (as in heaven and earth). The spiral on the back symbolises "flow", with some sakura petals. And the logo, it was not design by me but rather my seniors generations ago. It is the symbol of one of our basic technique, irimi nage.

Revo X Yuki Kajiura: Dream Port 2008

Two of my favourite composer, Revo of Sound Horizon and Yuki Kajiura has collaborated to compose this amazing song, 砂塵の彼方へ (Sajin no Kanata e). The song has surfaced for quite awhile and I heard of their collab, only to actually listen recently. I was totally blown away by this amazing song and can't help repeating it for god-knows-how-many-times XD.

Ahem, a lil' introduction~~

Revo is the guy that started the band "Sound Horizon". He composed a lot of great songs, with each album telling a story, each song telling a chapter of the story. The members of his band (or group?) always comes and goes, with few recurring members who stayed by his side for few albums. I can describe him as multi-talented, being able to play guitar,
keyboard, accordion, and even composing and arranging songs. Crap, he even got a bunch of ladies surrounding him throughout his career (YUKI!!! XD).

Yuki Kajiura is a famous female composer for a lot of anime hits. She has work alongside with few other famous band such as FictionJunction and Kalafina. Not much I know about her, just that I listen to her songs and like it very much. You can just wiki her profile if wanna know more.

Well, during the final part of the song where only the guy and the lady sings together, that's Revo and Yuki.


Another few scenes from my FYP. Like my previous scene, it's just the first stage of modeling and texturing, the details are not there yet. Heck, I'm getting fed up working on my FYP anyway.